Automatic female dumpling machine
خرید دستگاه پیراشکی زن و پیراشکی ساز
قیمت دستگاه پیراشکی زن

Automatic female dumpling machine

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Categories : Burger and sandwich cooking equipment

In this machine, two important parts for the production of dumplings are located.

1- Dumpling bread making machine

2-Dumpling Press

This machine can be custom made on this cold benmary machine, fryer and porridge can be added to the customer's request.

price: 55,000,000 Toman

If you need help, call the numbers below.

mobile :  0912090420709153193016

phone :  05138517777

Length 100 cm width 50 cm height 60 cm

220 volts single phase -Bread production in 600 watts-press 500 watts

70 kg

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