Industrial desktop ice cream maker professional astiage model
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Industrial desktop ice cream maker professional astiage model

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Length 80 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 82 cm
Voltage 220V 50Hz 3800W
Machine weight 150 kg
The loading time of the machine after pouring milk is 2 minutes, which is 8 minutes for the first time.
Model: CM-300
Stainless steel body
Number of ice cream per hour: 300 funnels 75 grams
Compressor power: 1 horse (Takamseh France)
Stirrer engine: 1 horse
Retaining Compressor: 1/6
Tank capacity: 15 liters
Condenser: Aerial
Electricity consumption: 1-50-220

price: 67,000,000 Toman

If you need help, call the numbers below.

mobile :  0912090420709153193016

phone :  05138517777

This machine can produce 10 funné ice creams in a row and without interruption and 300 funné ice creams are servicing you every hour and this is astonishing!
Production capacity of 300 funnea ice creams 75 grams per hour
Long paddles to soften ice cream (puffy)
Don't worry about rotting ice cream with ice cream maker Tablecloth


قیمت بستنی ساز خانگی کمپرسوردار

Astiage desktop funnel ice cream maker has 3 outstanding functions.
1- Produces ice cream.
2- During the night, if the ice cream stays in the machine, it is kept.
3- It has an automatic washing system.
Providing ice cream maker and ice cream supplies with 2 years unconditional warranty and 10 years after-sales service.

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