Shoot potatoes and hamburgers

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Technical Specifications:
Made of stainless steel sheet 304 L
Single floor and two floors
Ceramic element for safety
In two models specific to sandoch and potatoes.
Preventive use of cold food in serving space in fast food
Fuel consumption of urban electricity
Power consumption KW 2
Potato shoot with envelope design production and implementation of fast food potato shoot from stainless steel 304 in different capacities

price: 8,300,000 Toman


mobile :   09120904207 09153193016

phone :   05138517777

Acetyl Pars electric potato shoot is used for serving, keeping warm and getting potato oil in fast food, shoot potatoes and electric hamburgers and the heat source is supplied from heat lights.
Potato shoot or steel heater with two trays for keeping potatoes, dumplings and sandwiches
Potato storage
With the oil accumulation location
Has a potato envelope
Indirect heating system
Shoot potatoes and hamburgers with electric element
Length 80 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 70 cm

شوت سیب زمینی


Power: 1.5 kW
Weight: 20 kg
Mass: 0.3 cubic meters
Capacity: 2 kg
Thermal capacity: 2 by 500 watts
Power consumption: 220V
Material: Stainless Steel
One-story potato shoot is used to stay fresh and display and serve fries with japakti, potato shooting is used to get extra potato oil and keep potatoes warm in fast foods, and this machine is also used to keep burgers warm.
Potato shoot with ceramic element for safety


محصول شرکت استیل پارس
کشور سازنده ایران
مدل شوت سیب زمینی
ابعاد طول ۸۰ سانتیمتر عرض ۶۵ سانتیمتر ارتفاع ۷۰ سانتیمتر
توان مصرفی توان مصرفي KW 2
وزن ۲۰ کیلوگرم
درجه حرارت ۲ در ۵۰۰ وات
سایر ویژگی ها

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